Me, You

| Drama Romance | Pre Production

On a remote Italian island in the early 1960s, a teenage boy haunted by memories of the war falls in love with an older girl who holds a dark secret. Based on the novel "Tu, Mio," by Erri De Luca.

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2023 | Action Horror Thriller | Post Production

On a journey across the Caribbean to meet her fiancé, an accomplished round the world yachtswoman goes to aid a sinking vessel. She finds three survivors who, it transpires, are narcos and force her to dive down into the wreck to retrieve 850 kilos of cocaine. The plan is thwarted by frenzied man-eating tiger sharks who have been attracted to the wreck by the dead bodies.

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Jericho Ridge

2022 | Action Thriller | Post Production

When the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is broken into and robbed, Deputy Sheriff Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Temple (Nikki Amuka-Bird) is called back from injury leave to cover the dispatch radio for the night. Tabby, recovering from a broken leg and walking with crutches, heads into work with her teenage son Monty (Zach Morris) in tow. Monty’s recent and serious transgressions have broken Tabby’s trust and she’s not leaving him unsupervised. The Sheriff and Deputies head out to recover items stolen in the robbery. And when Tabby agrees to allow Monty to head off for an evening babysitting job she is left alone in the Sheriff’s office.

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The French Madam

1993 | Documentry | Complete

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Leaving Afghanistan

2019 | Action Drama War | Complete

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